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Crankees are a rockin punk band from Sydney Australia formed in 2021

Rodney Todd: Vocals Jimmy Meek: Guitar Lex Hall: Drums Luke Buckler: Bass

Punch The Boss Music Video Clip

Written, directed, produced and edited by Greg Larsen.

Starring Greg Larsen and Danielle Walker. Shot by Mark Tadic.

Additional post-production work by Dylan Behan.

Punch The Boss 7" Single 
Evil Tone Records

Rissole - Guitar/Vocals
Alan - Drums/Drums/Vocals
Rodney - Bass/Vocals

The Escapes


Available now from Evil Tone Records

Four tracks of fuzzed out garage fun by Sydney's best looking band, with killer Owen Foley cover art.

150 copies only 


Positive Gambling

The Escapes

The Mess Makers 2006 - 2008


Jasmin - Drums

James - Guitar

Naughty Stu - Bass

Ben - Guitar

Rodney - Vocals


The Unfuckable

2004 - 2005

Johnny Casino - Bass

Richard Stanley - Drums

Nick Morgan - Guitar

Rodney Todd - Vocals

Complicated Meditation Class 7"

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